• Minimum amount2.00

  • Maximum amount5000.00

  • Deposit term 4 часа

  • Net profit 120%

  • Total return 120%

  • Return of the body of the depositNo

120% for
4 часа
  • Minimum amount50.00

  • Maximum amount5000.00

  • Deposit term 4 часа

  • Net profit 200%

  • Total return 200%

  • Return of the body of the depositNo

200% for
4 часа
Period / Hours:
Net profit:


  • hourly-campaign consists of a team of financial experts. Since our inception, we have held the belief that an investment firm has a different way to create value. Our commitment to creating lasting impact means we operate in a different way, with a strong commitment to uncovering the foundations that drive businesses and markets in the long term. This means that we work together in different ways, aligning our interests with those of our investors to ensure long-term impact.

  • Using Bitcoin trading platforms including Bitfinex, Magnr, OKcoin, Bitmex, Cryptotrader and BTC-e, hourly-campaign uses a very effective trading strategy called Leverage Trading. What is Leverage? Leveraged trading means that you are in a position that is worth more than your actual investment Traders borrow money temporarily and pay daily interest on that borrowed money.
    Since this is a high risk, an inexperienced investor can lose more than he invested. hourly-campaign created many safety features for this event. hourly-campaigntrades bitcoin because it is a more stable currency system that offers our investors many investment opportunities where we can be most successful with our investment strategies.


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